V2 Cigs KR808D-1 E Cig Review

V2 Cigs

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The [WPMSHOT key=”V2 Cigs” url=”http://smokelesscigarettesreviews.org/v2-cigs-review/”] brand rapidly grew in prominence throughout 2010 and 2011 – rising at first what appeared like it might be too quick for its own good. The company initially had some rough patches with timely order fulfillment and other logistical issues, but they seem to have been completely resolved for almost a year now. If you want to change from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, V2 Cigs is an excellent choice for smokers first making the switch in particular. with a proven track record in customer support (including extended hours pre and post sales assistance by phone or live online chat), a massive and loyal user base and products that are reasonably priced, high quality and


Everybody knows that smoking tobacco cigarettes is bad for your health. With old fashioned tobacco cigarettes, smokers get not only nicotine but a huge amount of dangerous carcinogens and hazardous chemicals. With e-cigs such as V2 Cigs vapers can satisfy the nicotine craving while enjoying a pure water vapor. Many people are changing to electronic cigarettes because there are no chemical additives. This is the reason that V2 Cigs was created. It provides people who want to continue enjoying nicotine without exposing themselves to harmful chemicals and carcinogens an alternative. V2 Cigs was created by three former smokers. It offers many benefits over old fashion tobacco cigarettes. For this reason, it's easy to quit. Electronic cigarettes may be used as a substitute or alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They may also be used as a transitional object for abandoning nicotine addiction. Cigarette smokers can transition gracefully from tobacco cigarettes to clean modern electronic cigarettes.

Why are V2 Cigs better than tobacco cigarettes? For one thing, V2 Cigs don't expose you to a vast array of dangerous chemicals and carcinogens as tobacco cigarettes do. With V2 Cigs, as with other electronic cigarettes, you can enjoy the sensation of smoking with very little harm. When you vape with V2 Cigs you will not be exposed to dangerous tar and carcinogens that can cause cancer and respiratory problems. Electronic cigarette liquid is made mostly of glycerin which has few if any dangerous components. Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide that is dangerous for both the smoker and those around him or her. This is not true of electronic cigarettes . Those around you will appreciate the fact that the vapor emitted by electronic cigarettes is odor free. When you vape with electronic cigarettes you will not have bad breath like a smoker.

The nicotine you enjoy with V2 Cigs is very pure and delivered in an odorless water vapor via a process known as smart vaporizing. Although V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes are very different from tobacco cigarettes in many ways, when you use one you will be impressed by how closely the experience mimics smoking. When you inhale using an electronic cigarette you take vapor and nicotine into your lungs, but you don't take in chemicals such as ammonia. You will not only reduce your exposure to toxic substances, but you also eliminate your smoke intake. Not only will you enjoy health benefits when you use V2 Cigs, you will also save a great deal of money.

Here are some of the bad things about three piece electronic cigarettes. This type of E Cig is made up of three parts: a battery, a reusable atomizer, and a cartridge. The cartridge is also known as a nicotine cap. It is often made of a poor quality of plastic. Two piece electronic cigarettes are better than three piece electronic cigarettes because reusable atomizers tend to provide breeding ground for bacteria. This is also true of the caps and nicotine pad which are also reused with three piece models. This is a problem because you must refill this type of electronic cigarette with e-liquids manually. When you handle the reusable part, you may expose yourself to nicotine liquid spills. Many people have developed irritation and allergy related illnesses because of this. With three piece electronic cigarettes, the nicotine pad is frequently exposed. V2 Cigs gets around this problem by combining the atomizer and the cartridge into a single unit known as a cartomizer.

With a three piece model, the nicotine patch is frequently exposed during maintenance, so the nicotine is not adequately sealed in. Because of this, liquid nicotine evaporates quickly and causes a burnt aftertaste. It also makes it difficult to draw on the e-cigs and thins the vapor. You must also buy replacements very frequently, and that can get expensive. You must perform regular maintenance tasks with an atomizer to prevent corrosion. This is not true of cartomizers. In the course of maintenance (cleaning the atomizer or nicotine cap) damage, which could lead to electrical fire hazard, is always a risk.

V2 Cigs are the best on the market for two reasons: excellent performance and stylish appearance. There are only two parts to a V2 Cig: a disposable cartomizer and a rechargeable lithium ion battery. You can get these long lasting cartomizers in many delicious flavors. All of the cartomizers are fresh sealed. This keeps the cartridges fresh for a long time. The nicotine liquid is completely sealed inside the aluminum cylinder, so it will not evaporate and it will last a long time (unlike with old fashioned three piece designs). These long lasting cartomizers contain more than three times the amount of nicotine found in the cartridges used by three piece electronic cigarettes.

You will not be directly exposed to nicotine with V2 Cigs cartomizers because the nicotine is completely enclosed. With V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes modern two pieces design, you will not experience the leaking problems common to three piece designs. When you vape with V2 Cigs you will not have to worry about being exposed to bacteria by a reusable atomizer. With V2 Cigs new styling, the parts that touch your mouth and lips are completely disposable. This gives you greater control over hygiene than old fashioned 3 piece e cigs. The cartomizers (cartridge and atomizer combination) offered by V2 Cigs are disposable and require no maintenance. Two piece electronic cigarette cartridges are excellent because they require very little maintenance and are very hard to damage. Because two piece design protects all of an electronic cigarette's vital components, you'll always get the richest biggest and most consistent vapor possible. This is not the case with three piece models.

In addition to many options in nicotine, V2 Cigs also offers many great flavors.

Here are just a few of the choices you'll enjoy with V2 Cigs: V2 Red is also known as Cowboy. This is a robust traditional American tobacco flavor. You can purchase cartomizers that come in a variety of nicotine strengths. Some mimic brand name tobacco cigarettes flavors such as Lucky Strike, Marlboro or Viceroy. If you love traditional cigarette brands like Parliament, you will enjoy the taste of Congress flavor available in strengths ranging from 0 mg 18 mg. You will like this flavor if you like Viceroy, Benson and Hedges or Kent. If you like menthol flavor in tobacco cigarettes, you will enjoy V2 menthol. You will enjoy V2 Cigs menthol flavor if you like cigarettes such as Newport, Salem or Kool. V2 Cigs Sahara is reminiscent of a Turkish or European style cigarette flavor such as Merit or Camel.

You can enjoy V2 Cigs electronic cigarette cartomizers in traditional tobacco flavors and exciting sweet flavors as well.

One of the new options available with V2 Cigs is the ever popular classic vanilla flavor. Traditional pipe and cigar smokers have always enjoyed the smooth rich flavor and aroma of vanilla, and now you can too! A new flavor in the V2 Cigs flavor catalog is chocolate, which is quite popular. People who enjoy a creamy rich chocolate flavor are sure to enjoy this. Now V2 Cigs vapers can enjoy one of the most popular e-cigs flavors. V2 Cigs cherry flavor is an excellent choice for vapers who enjoy a strong ripe cherry flavor. It is available in four nicotine levels. If you enjoy coffee you will become a fan of V2 Cigs coffee flavor. Do you like rich Colombian coffee with cream and sugar? You will find that V2 Cigs coffee flavor truly delivers! Many people are very fond of cola so it only stands to reason that V2 Cigs would offer a delicious cola flavor in four nicotine strengths. Both chocolate and peppermint are all new flavors offered by V2 Cigs. If you enjoy peppermint candy, you'll enjoy the peppermint and sugar blend and found in this tasty e-liquid.

Here's a quick primer on how you use V2 Cigs:

V2 Cigs consists of two parts: a lithium ion battery and the cartomizer.

Inside is a water, glycerin or propylene glycol, nicotine and flavor combination (aka E-Liquid) blended to your preferences from a solid range of selections in regard to both strength and flavor (and unlike many other brands that make it difficult to refill or use their cartomizers with e liquid purchased independently – V2 in fact sell unfilled carts and are helpful when it comes to this area – and the easy to remove rubbery end caps make that process quick simple – though not quick as easy as with Smart Vaper's Hurricane, Smokeless Image's VOLT and the couple other companies currently selling the very latest Kr808d-1 Cartomizers with easy refill caps). It is very easy to use V2 Cigs. Simply screw the cartomizer onto the battery and puff away, just as you would a tobacco cigarette. When you inhale your electronic cigarette the heating apparatus will turn on and generate a flavored vapor containing nicotine which you can inhale. A single V2 Cigs cartomizer is longer lasting than a pack of tobacco cigarettes and is its equivalent in the amount of nicotine delivered. When you've used up one cartomizer, simply toss it in the nearest trash can, and screw on another one. A good lithium ion battery will last for a full week on a full charge given moderate use. When it is time to recharge your battery, you will see a series of intermittent blinking lights. You can charge your e-cigs batteries in 2 or 3 hours by plugging into a wall socket charger or USB charger.

When you use V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes, many aspects will be like smoking tobacco cigarettes; however, many others will not. One really good thing about electronic cigarettes is that you can adjust the thickness of the vapor. You certainly cannot do this with cigarette smoke. If you want to adjust the thickness of the vapor you inhale, simply prime your E cigarette with a few fast puffs before you begin vaping. This heats the liquid inside so that it becomes a rich thick vapor for you to puff. When you first begin the transition from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes, it's a good idea to start with a low strength of nicotine because the nicotine is so pure. Many people who are used to smoking tobacco cigarettes are surprised to find that the nicotine in cartomizers is much stronger and more pure. As time passes you will surely lower the amount of nicotine you intake.

If you want to end the dangerous habit of smoking, or if you simply want to find a less expensive, safer and cleaner alternative, V2 Cigs may be the answer for you. Because the nicotine is cleaner, there is no tar and no chemical additives, E cigarettes are a great alternative to smoking. You'll be amazed at the improvement you’ll experience with electronic cigarettes. No ash, halitosis, or smoke! You'll wonder how you ever got along without them.

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