KR808D-1 PCC Portable Charging Case

Why Should You Opt Or Kr808d-1 Pcc?


One of the biggest problem most electronic smoker face is that of continuous charging. However, with the help of KR808D-1 PCC, you can simplify the problem as you no longer need to fuss about the annoying problem of dead batteries.

The KR808D-1 PCC stands for the Portable Charging Case meant for KR808D-1 model. The use of PCC has revolutionized the way people regarded electronic smoking. There are various advantages of using the KR808D-1 PCC and we shall illustrate the same here.

Familiarizing With Kr808d-1 Pcc


Before we head to the advantages, it is necessary that you are aware of what a PCC actually is.

The PCC helps in charging multiple batteries. With the use of the PCC, you can simply put the batteries in the case and charge them on the go. These are extremely fast chargers as they can powerfully charge up your battery in almost no time. The case itself can be charged with ease by connecting it to a USB port with the help of the USB cable that is provided. When you want to charge your batteries, you simply need to put them in the case and they start charging up without the need of a port.

The PCC has place for batteries. You can place multiple batteries in the PCC and thus charge various batteries on the go. It is an extremely helpful device for those who detest the problem of dead batteries.

Thus, this is the main use of a PCC and such is the profound popularity that most of the starter kits are now equipped with the PCC.

Advantages Of Kr808d-1 Pcc


If you are opting to buy a KR808D-1 PCC for yourself, it is a good idea to know about the different advantages the product offers. We have made a list of the same so that you can reap the best out of it.

  • It helps in charging multiple batteries.
  • It charges the battery relatively faster.
  • It is extremely simple to operate and still comes with a user manual for understanding the operation.
  • It can charge the batteries by simply putting them inside the case and does not need any external plug or port. So, it can charge batteries on the go, which is an extremely convenient option.
  • It can help in preventing the problem of dead batteries while you are working.

Thus, these are the main advantages which a PCC offers.  When you are opting for PCC, make sure to find a model that is compatible with your batteries. Generally, the KR808D-1 PCC is sure to be compatible with a lot of batteries as KR808D-1 was one of the first models used for designing electronic cigarettes. Naturally, most of the different cigarette models have maintained a cross compatibility and thus opting for these PCC should be a smart move.

People who tend to smoke a lot are advised to buy a PCC, as it shall help you to charge the batteries no matter where you are and even when you do not have any plug point or even a USB holder at your disposal.

You would no longer need to worry about the dropping charge of your battery or the fact that you might be left with no option to smoke as your battery may not last for as long as you would want to. Thus, use a PCC for KR808D-1 and change the way you have been smoking at your work place. The fact that electronic smoking is free from a lot of harmful side effects cements the prolong use of electronic cigarette. If you use a PCC for KR808D-1 model, you would not need to carry a dozen batteries along with you when you go out; all you need to do is carry your PCC and a few spare batteries. While you are using one battery in your e-cig, you can charge the other and thus have a backup battery ready for you.

Also, a PCC lasts for sufficient amount of time before you need to charge the device itself. You can find it in various different packages. So feel free to explore the different designs and varieties when it comes to buying a right PCC and enjoy the pleasure of smoking an electronic cigarette.

So, place an order for your KR808D-1 PCC and enjoy unlimited vaping no matter where you are. So, those of you who are heavy smokers and completely hate the problem of dead batteries, make sure to opt for the finest PCC for KR808D-1 model.

The reason we are asking you to stick to KR808D-1 is that it has maximum compatibility with all other brands of e-cigarettes. Even then, we recommend you to opt for compatibility check. So, search through different stores and get your own KR808D-1 PCC today and bid goodbye to dead batteries while working!!

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