KR808D-1 Design is Available in Top Brand Electronic Cigarettes

With The KR808D / KR808D-1 Cartomizer Based Electronic Cigarette It Is All About Choices

If you are just starting out as a new vaper, you may be overwhelmed by all the choices available in the vaping world. From basic design to battery size to color to flavor, the vaping world is truly a world of choice.

Here are a few tips to help you make good, consistent decisions as you become familiar with the interesting and enjoyable hobby of vaping.


KR808D-1 Portable Charging Case (PCC)There are a few companies that offer brands that have interchangeable components. This is both a convenient and money-saving feature.

It is also a good reason to avoid cheap one-off products you may see advertised. You will not be getting good value for your money if you order equipment that you cannot accessorize or update as technology grows and changes.

One design that offers interchangeability is KR808D-1. This is one of the highest quality designs and is favored among experienced vapers. Lots of brand names sell this design, and it is great to know that it works well with every brand that incorporates it. This quality adds to versatility.

Three of the KR808D-1 brands that I promote are [WPMSHOT key=”V2 Electronic Cigarette” url=””]s, Vapor 4 Life, and Bloog MaxxFusion. You can learn more about these brands and take advantage of valuable coupons at my website.

Bloog and Vapor 4 Life products are interchangeable with the V2 line of KR808D-1. All of these products are high quality, and you can’t beat the customer service and the pricing. Additionally, all of these products offer a 1 Year Warranty on electronic parts, so new users can feel very confident giving them a try.

Having had a lot of experience vaping, I find KR8089D-1 to be the very best choice among all the rest.


Vapor4Life Offers The Most KR808D-1 Cartomizer Flavors Anywhere - USE EVAPE coupon to Save 10%
Vapor4Life Offers The Most KR808D-1 Cartomizer Flavors Anywhere – CLICK to Save 10%

Sooner or later, you are bound to get curious about all the flavors offered to vapers. There are literally hundreds of flavors to choose from, and when you fill your own blank cartridges, you can have any flavor you want, including your own, exclusive, self-mixed flavors.

Once you have let go of the idea that vaping has to duplicate smoking, you are in for a whole world of adventure! You will find vaping becoming an interesting and intriguing pass-time that happily takes the place of the life-draining addiction of smoking.

Be sure to visit the Vapor 4 Life website for a tremendous selection of e-liquids and pre-filled cartomizers. There are lots of good reviews there. Read through them and just order small amounts of the various flavors to give them a try.


When you visit Vapor4Life, be sure to check out all the great KR808D-1 accessories and technology add-ons. You will find everything from cases, to pass-throughs, to replacement batteries and more.  Also when making a purchase from Vapor4Life be sure to take advantage of the excellent e cig coupon site dedicated to their products, Vapor4Life Coupon, where you can also learn a lot more about the different models on offer.


WOW Carts burn a little hot. They also produce lots and lots of vapor. This is especially true when you use the specially formulated WOW E-Liquids. These are consumed a little faster, but offer a powerful burst of flavor.

Premium/Cool Carts burn a little cooler, offer a consistent, even vaping and flavor experience, and last a little longer.

MaxxFusion: New from Bloog is really unique! This cartomizer’s design is quite different from the standard KR808D-1, but it can still be used with all of the brands mentioned here.

MaxxFusion revolutionizes cart refill because it makes adding juice to cartridges quick and easy. When your cartridge begins to run dry, you can just remove a handy cap at the end and pour in a generous amount of new e-liquid rather than precariously adding it drip-by-drip to a tiny hole. This improvement definitely makes life a lot easier!

Additionally, the MaxxFusion provides huge amounts of vapor – more than any other Cool Cart. MaxxFusion definitely gives you the best of both types of cartomizer without any of the downside.

Overall, MaxxFusion gives you a cool, clean and enjoyable vaping experience.


All of Vapor 4 Life's technology products come with a 90 Day Warranty. I have had excellent experience with their customer service. On the rare occasions when I have requested a replacement for something, they have always come through with a smile.

Additionally, I can always count on prompt shipping and delivery. I have never had to wait more than 3 days for my KR808D-1 product to arrive.

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