KR808D-1 Cartomizers


Using Kr808d-1 Cartomizers For Your Benefit   Smokeless Image’s Next-Generation KR808D-1 Compatible ‘Bottom Coil’ Cartomizers Feature Way Better Vapor, NO Filler Burning, Easy Refill Caps And Are Compatible With Other KR8 Batteries Whether Generic or From Major Brands – Though The VOLT’s Battery is Recommended Due To Several Improvements As Well. If You Haven’t Tried […] Read more »

10 Reasons why KR808D-1 Is A Great Start 4 New Vapers!

KR808D-1 Starter Kit

The primary reason that KR808D-1 is the best choice for new vapers is that it is simply the most like an old fashioned tobacco cigarette. It provides the look, feel and flavor of the cigarette you are used to with a high level of performance and a steadfast reliability. You are unlikely to experience any […] Read more »