10 Reasons why KR808D-1 Is A Great Start 4 New Vapers!

KR808D-1 Starter KitThe primary reason that KR808D-1 is the best choice for new vapers is that it is simply the most like an old fashioned tobacco cigarette.

It provides the look, feel and flavor of the cigarette you are used to with a high level of performance and a steadfast reliability.

You are unlikely to experience any technological problems with KR808D-1.

This tried and true model is a dependable and fool-proof introduction to the interesting and enjoyable world of vaping.


I. Good Value & Good Price: All of the kits that feature this technology are reasonably priced. No matter how you vape, it will cost you less than old-fashioned tobacco products in the long run. KR808D-1 cartomizers are far less expensive than the average pack of cigarettes.

II. Familiarity:
Cartomizer technology offers a familiar, old-fashioned cigarette look and feel. When you vape, the indicator light at the end of the KR808D-1 glows and you enjoy a rich, full, tobacco flavored nicotine vapor without the tar and carcinogens inherent in smoking.

III. Simplicity: Created by Shenzhen Kanger Technology Co. Ltd., KR808D-1 features a small electronic cigarette that consists of 2 simple parts: a battery and a cartomizer.

IV. Streamlined, Classic Design: Housed within a sleek, stainless steel shell, cartomizer technology simplifies everything by combining the atomizer and cartridge into one, self-contained unit. The heating element (atomizer) heats up the nicotine solution which is housed in the cartridge (similar to the filter on an old-fashioned cigarette).

V. Long Lasting Enjoyment:
KR808D-1 has a cartomizer with a larger capacity cartridge than any other. The result is a long-lasting vaping experience. Each cartridge contains nicotine that is approximately the same as the amount found in one to one-and-a-half packs of cigarettes. Therefore, if you have been smoking a pack a day, you will be able to enjoy vaping for a day or more on just one inexpensive cartridge.

VI. Disposable or Re-use Options: Even thought the KR808D-1 Cartomizer was designed as a disposable, vapers have actually found that it can be reused half a dozen times if desired adding even more value to an already wise purchase!

VII. Consistent Flavor: You can get KR808D-1 cartomizers in both pre-filled and blank. Either one will offer you much more consistent flavor and performance than the old-fashioned 3 piece (cartridge, atomizer, battery) combinations that were typical in the past.

VIII. Leak Free Enjoyment:
You may have heard that e-cigarettes leak. Well, KR808D-1 does not. It’s as simple as that. Cartomizer technology does away with the reason for leaks, and this problem is just a thing of the past.

IX. More Power!
KR808D-1 has a battery that gives you twice as much power as the standard battery. A full 380maH

X. Freedom! When you vape with the KR808-D, you will not produce any smoke! You will simply be enjoying a harmless, odor free vapor that will not bother anyone! You will not have to step outside, avoid talking with non-smokers, or in any other way remove yourself from society! With the KR808D-1 you can simply enjoy the freedom and harmless pleasure of vaping!

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