KR808D-1: The Latest Evolution in Electronic Cigarettes

The electronic cigarette market has exploded in the last few years as people are looking for a much cleaner smoke, and the KR808D-1 takes ecigarettes to the next level.


What is the KR808D-1?

Very quickly becoming the e-cigarette of choice for many e-cigarette smokers, the KR808D-1 pushes the e-smoking experience forward to the next stage in electronic cigarette evolution. It’s simple but advanced design uses the latest smokeless cigarette technology to give users the best electronic smoking experience ever.

Here are a few of the KR808D-1 features:

  • Streamlined, classic design that combines the atomizer and KR808D 1 cartomizer into a single self-contained unit that prevents any liquid leaks from happening (a problem with some other models)
  • Larger capacity cartridge than other ecigarettes, giving long-lasting enjoyment to smokers
  • Produces a warm, satisfying vapor and provides a great throat hit without producing any smoke
  • Excellent flavor that stays consistent all day due to the updated design
  • Powerful, long lasting 380mah KR808D-1 battery to provide hours of e-smoking enjoyment
  • KR808D-1 cartomizers can be disposed or reused again depending on the preference of the smoker

These features are just a start to the ways the KR808D-1 gives smokers a pleasant and consistent experience with their electronic cigarettes. Some smokers have even been able to reuse their KR808D cartomizers 6 or more times, adding even more value to their e-cigarette. KR808D-1 blank cartomizers are still very inexpensive, especially when compared to a pack of cigarettes, so even if you don’t want to reuse your cartridge you are still saving money over normal cigarettes.

Where some e-cigarettes come with only a wall charger or a USB charger to recharge the battery, the KR808D-1 comes with both a wall and USB charger to give you more options when you smoke. This cigarette is also compatible with manual pushbutton passthrough chargers, meaning you can plug in and smoke without having to wait for the KR808D-1 batteries to recharge. It’s very convenient.

Overall, the KR808D-1 is the apex of current ecig technology. In our opinion, you simply can’t find a better cigarette available on the market at a better value! (Well, at least until the KR808D-2 comes out!)

Downsides of KR808D-1

As great as the KR808D-1 is, there are a few things you should know before making the transition from normal cigarettes to using electronic cigarettes. Here are some of the things to keep in mind:

  • Batteries: unlike normal cigarette, e-cigarettes use batteries. Even though the KR808D 1 battery is long-lasting, you’ll still have to charge it before use or at least use it with a pass-through charger in order to smoke.
  • Cartridges: E-cigarettes use cartridges to produce the vapor you inhale. These cartridges are much less expensive per smoke than normal cigarettes, but it’ll be a little different using cartridges instead of just buying a pack of smokes from the gas station.
  • Weight: While normal cigarettes are very lightweight, electronic cigarettes tend to weigh a little more. This is due to the electronic cigarette batteries and other electronic parts that make up the cigarette. Electronic cigarettes like this one take some getting used to if you’ve been the kind of person who lets a cigarette hang lazily from your lip while you work or play. They’re not actually heavy, but they’re still not what most smokers expect when they first try them.
  • Nicotine: While this probably goes without saying, the KR808D-1 isn’t a nicotine-free way to smoke. While users have more control over the amount of nicotine they are inhaling by choosing different e-cigarette cartridges (some people have even quit smoking by controlling this), the nicotine that is inhaled is still addictive and harmful to your health. This is something you probably already knew, but it’s good just to make sure you’re aware of it.

With those considerations in mind, the KR808D-1 still provides the absolute best electronic cigarette smoking experience possible today. In fact, the KR808D 1 is such a good e-cigarette it serves as the base model a lot of other electronic cigarette companies sell their cigarettes as.

E Cigarettes based on the KR808D-1

The KR808D-1 is the basis for a lot of electronic cigarettes made by brand name manufacturers. The Bloog MaxxFusion and Smokeless Image VOLT E Cig cigarettes, two of the most popular and top of the line cigarettes, use the KR808D-1 as the base for their newer cigarette models with enhanced specifications but backwards compatibility. The KR808D-1 is a high quality e-cigarette design, and because it is, several companies allow for interchangeability between it and other electronic cigarette accessories. This means customers have a lot of options with brand, pricing and other factors when choosing an electronic cigarette if they want the KR808D-1. Some of the companies basing their cigarettes off the KR808D-1 are [WPMSHOT key=”[WPMSHOT key=”V2 Cig” url=””]s” url=””] (check out An Awesome V2 Cigs Review), Original Vapor King by Vapor4Life and more recently Smokeless Image’s VOLT and the Bloog Maxx Fusion. Simply put, this is a solid e-cigarette and is pushing the ecigarette industry forward with its advancements in technology.

Check Here for the Latest KR808D-1 News and Reviews

You have a lot of options when it comes to which e-cigarette starter kits you choose, and that’s just counting the models based off of the KR808D-1 design. We know it’s difficult to sort through all of your options, so we’re going to provide detailed reviews of the latest and most advanced KR808D 1 blank cartomizers, the newest KR808D 1 starter kit, Vapor4Life USB accessories and more. If it has to do with KR808D1 threaded electronic cigarettes , or if you’re just looking for a KR808D 1 review, you’ll find it here.

Electronic cigarettes need extra batteries, for example, so we’ll look at some of your options to you know which ones work best with your KR808D. Need a new KR808D battery or shopping for a portable charger case to recharge your e-cig on the go? We’ll look at those, too, and give you our honest recommendation. We’ll give you a KR808D-1 review of anything you’ll need to know. We’ll even tell you when the KR808D 2 is going to be released.

Old fashioned cigarettes are going extinct. The KR808D-1 is the next evolution of smoking, providing a smokeless experience that can be enjoyed anywhere—at parties, in public or even restaurants—without bothering other people or breaking any laws. If you haven’t already, buy a KR808D-1 starter kit. Keep checking here to find out everything you’ll need to know about getting the most out of your KR808D-1 electronic cigarette experience.

The Following Is A Quick Overview Of The Basic KR808D / KR808D-1 E-Cigarette Standard:

KR808D is 11.8 centimeters long with the diameter of 0.95 centimeters. Its cartridge lasts in comparison with 8 to 10 cigars. The capacity of its battery is 280mAh with a 2-hour maximum charge time. This is probably one of the simplest to use e-cigarette available today. A semi disposable e-cigarette, KR808D is also known as a 2-piece e-cigarette consisting only a battery and a cartomizer unlike the most e-cigarettes which is designed with three pieces.

A cartomizer is like a disposable atomizer with a built in e-liquid. No more refilling with tweezers or droppers, just replace the empty cartomizer with a new one. If you want to refill your cartomizer, you can do so, it'll still work, it's just that, one of the main reason why this is created is because sometimes constant changing of flavors may screw up the taste. KR808D-1 is special for mixing of flavors is not possible in this one since a cartomizer is an atomizer and e-liquid in one piece. That is why refilling a cartomizer is not advised unless you are using one of the latest models designed to accommodate this (such as the manual battery Smokeless Image VOLT or the Bloog Maxx Fusion). This 2-piece e-cigarette produces a great amount of vapor and contains different satisfying flavors just like any other great quality 3-piece.

KR808D Advantages:

There are some advantages using a 2-piece such as KR808D / KR808D-1 is the best for new users because this is one of the most uncomplicated designs. Very easy to attach and detach because it is made only with two pieces. This is also a better traveling device because with the traditional 3-piece e-cigarette, refilling of atomizer would be more difficult for someone who's driving. A cartomizer is designed to last longer so you can vape longer while on the road and is so much easier to replace. As we all know, fresh atomizers perform better than longtime used atomizers. The performance degrades over time and some are quicker than you'd expected. This is also covered by KR808D, for you'll be ensured that you'll always experience the full potential and performance of a cartomizer every-time you replace it.

KR808D Disadvantages:

There are few disadvantages that you'll see in a KR808D. One thing is that, if you are saving money and wants a cheaper e-cig model, this isn't for you. Choosing this means, you'll be spending more money in the long run. Constant buying of disposable cartomizers are more costly than buying just e-liquids. If you try to refill a cartomizer and chose not to dispose it, you'll notice that it has a shorter lifespan compared to a normal atomizer. Other than that, this is perfect.

So if you are a new electronic cigarette user, better try KR808D. You will not regret trying this, for this is easy to use and guaranteed to produce a great amount of vapor. It also mimics the traditional cigars yet doesn't contain the harmful effects of it. Just like other E-cigarettes, the KR808D / KR808D-1 doesn't produce tar and other cancer causing chemicals that a traditional cigar produces.