V2 Cigs Reviewed by ECIG Chic V2Cigs Means Vaping Without Compromises

Discover Why V2 Is The Top E Cigarette in 2013 (and why it will still be in 2014)

V2Cigs Means Vaping Without Compromises

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V2 Cigs have transcended the E-cig into mainstream society with no competition to beat. People are making the transition from regular smoking to electronic smoking more frequently than ever before and now they have a true reason to switch.

RJ Ross, from Rj Ross E Cigarette Reviews website had this to say: “V2 Cigs is the finest electronic cigarette company around. This is undisputed. All of us at website have tried out nearly all of the other brands on the market but we haven’t found anything that even comes close to V2 Cigs. This brand, when compared to others, produces so much more vapor, offers numerous and much better flavor choices than any of the other brands, and has the longest lasting battery charge we’ve ever encountered. There is no brand more deserving of the 15% discount or a review from us. From veterans to e-smoking beginners just looking to give electronic cigarettes a try, V2 Cigs are a match for anyone and everyone. They have an abundance of flavor choices, a wide range of starter kits for any price range and all kinds of accessories to appeal to any buyer.” 

V2 Cigs provides smokers a reason to start vaping and they are being introduced into a world that will change their way of thinking about smoking. V2 Cigs provide customers with starter kits that fit their own particular needs for a reasonable price and are an amazing product as well. That is not something that happens often, so there is definitely something to be said about it. The quality of the products is phenomenal and the most amazing part about this company is their dedication to continuously improve, which they have been doing at an incredible speed. The V2 Cigs Company is by far the most expansive and powerful company in the electronic cigarette industry in society today.

E cigs have given many individuals an opportunity to find an alternative!

Over the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in both the supply and demand of electronic cigarettes as more people are trying to veer away from tobacco, but are unwilling to give away smoking all together. E cigs have given those individuals an opportunity to find an alternative. Although there are many companies that cell electronic cigarettes, the majority of them seem to have poor results, poor products, and poor customer service, but the V2 cig provides customers with mere satisfaction in all of those categories where other companies clearly lack.


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V2 cigs are products of high quality all around. The lifetime replacement warranty on all electronic components that the company provides, including batteries, portable charging case, other chargers, USB plug-in, and the V2 power cig, demonstrates how confident they are in there product and there is good reason for that confidence. V2 cigs are a top market leader in both popularity and consumer loyalty as they are the most consistently top rated brand by expert viewers across the web. There is a lot to be said for these statistics when dealing with a product that many other producers have tried to emulate, but have not come close to the standards of V2 cigs, which are never to disappoint.



V2 cigs quite simply brings the highest standard of quality to the electronic cigarette industry and has officially blown past any competition that it may have had at any point in time.

The way that V2 accomplished this was through listening to the needs of their beloved customers and expanding the growth of the products that they put time, energy, and money into building better and better than they ever were before. The company itself knows this is true and has nothing to hide from its consumers as they have put an effort in to provide greater transparency of their E-liquid ingredients, by making batch reports available to all customers. The accessories sold with the V2 cigs are incredible and go above and beyond other companies, but the most trusted and intricate piece is the e-cig itself. The true depth of quality, time, and effort spent in designing and creating an electric cigarette like the V2 cig is obvious once a customer does any spout of research.

v2 cigs - top class reviews

V2 cigs are ranked as the most trafficked, top viewed, and top rated e cig!

Alexa.com has been the top site for Internet statistics for decades as it provides a pool of traffic scores for the entire Internet. V2 cigs are ranked as the most trafficked, top viewed, and top rated e cig compared to all other brands according to Alexa.com.  With that being said, it is safe to say that V2 cigs sell a much better product than its competitors included, but not limited to, blue cigs and green smoke. V2 is a brand that puts out great products and leads in a very competitive industry today.

Not only do V2 cigs consistently sell high quality products, but they also make improvements to their products on a regular basis continuing to make better electronic cigarettes than they sold before. V2 sells products that are the best in e cig technology and they have superb customer service, which goes hand in hand with the product they sell. It is clear that their employees are proud of the product they sell and they have a confidence in there demeanor while guiding customers through a difficult transition from smoking regular cigarettes to smoking electronic cigarettes. The customer service line at V2 cigs is aware that support is needed when the decision is made to change over from inhaling real smoke to inhaling vapor and they are willing and eager to help you out along the way, holding your hand and guiding you through the process where support is needed.


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V2 electronic cigarettes have changed over time as the company is determined to make their product better each day!

They listen to their customers and they improve based on requests and complaints accordingly and quickly as needed. V2 has a mission to make sure every single person using the products has the absolute best experience ever while indulging in an electronic cigarette. They simply want to make sure that people feel the transition to electronic cigarettes is worth it by having their craving satisfied and removed and in time even more satisfying than the results they ever received from a regular cigarette. V2’s mission is powerful and bold and yet their confidence in delivering this to completion has made it so and today they proudly serve as a company, which holds true to their doctrine of satisfaction in both the experience and the relief of a powerful craving.

Producing in a market where many companies have involved themselves in adding to the production of electronic cigarettes, the truth of the matter is that V2 cig’s competition falls way short compared to what V2 has to offer. V2 is both simple to use and has high performance in terms of satisfying a craving that a customer may experience.  While other companies place extremely high prices on electronic cigarettes that simply do not deliver, V2 has provided customers with a product that is at a more reasonable price, which delivers much better results than any alternative. It is safe to say that no other brand in the electronic cigarette market even come close to competing with V2 cigarettes. V2 spends both money and time on the most essential category of development, improvement of the product itself. Many of the competing industries spend their money and time marketing a brand that just does not speak for itself. While V2 builds the product with care and detail, the product simply starts to sell itself and that is why the results have been so exceptional in this market of electronic cigarettes.

V2’s main focus is on the user experience and their product as stated above!

They understand the intensity while transitioning from regular smoking to smoking e cigs and they understand that it is not an easy process at all. V2 cigs offers a support system built around this transition directly catered to their customers’ needs. They understand how crucial it is to make this transition as easy as possible because otherwise they grasp the fact that people will continue to smoke tobacco if it is too difficult and they have no support. With that, V2 cigs offers both understandable instructions and safety precautions that come with the product itself. They feel they have nothing to hide and whatever is in the e cig they will display it simplistically and directly rather than making and information complicated for the consumer.

Another benefit of the V2 electronic cigarette is that it comes in many varieties, whether that means in flavor or battery length or style. Customers have three choices when deciding on a battery length including long battery at 140mm, the Shorty battery at 100mm, and the standard battery at 110mm. The V2 cig also provide the customer with an option of an automatic battery or a manual battery. The manual battery arguably produces thicker vapor, which is appealing to many customers, but the manual aspect is that you push a button in order to release the vapor inside. The automatic battery, on the other hand, is rather self explanatory, in that once you exhale the e cig, the vapor will automatically come out of the cigarette itself without having to push a button making this option more convenient for most.

V2 cigs are the most searched for and the most purchased electronic cigarette brand on the market!

V2 cigs are the most searched for and the most purchased electronic cigarette brand on the market with its competition lacking and falling very far behind for some reasons that are quite apparent at this point. For V2 cigs, the product and customer experience comes first before all else, which explains the most recent result of their user base surpassing one million consumers. People truly enjoy the flavor and the deliverance of the V2 cig as the technology is incredible, far beyond that of other brands, and to top it off the prices are low and completely reasonable. V2 cig has demonstrated in an amazing way how people can and will enjoy smoking electronic cigarettes more than they ever enjoyed smoking regular cigarettes. V2 cigs provides a better replacement than the smoking habit you originated with and that is because V2 focuses on the product and the customer first.

The V2 electronic cigarette E-liquids come in a whole assortment of flavors including rich tobacco flavors, cool menthol flavors, and specialty flavors, leaving it up to you to choose what your favorite flavor might be! The V2 e liquid is what keeps your e cig going as you can purchase V2’s blank cartridges and fill with the e liquid yourself! With options consisting of American tobacco, Turkish tobacco, refined tobacco, refreshing mint, sweet mint, cool and refreshing, cherry, rich milk chocolate, coffee with cream and sugar, and a simple French flavor, choose the e-liquid that suits your needs because V2 is the only e-cig company that offers you so many delicious choices and provides you with the varieties of these e liquid options inside of the starter kit of your choice.

 Customers ultimately demand unparalleled quality control and product safety!

V2 cigs customers ultimately demand unparalleled quality control and product safety and that is exactly what this company gives them. The transparency of the company is paramount in the trust and reliability their customers have on this brand. There is a reason why people continually choose V2 cigs over all other e-cig companies that exist in the market today. All in all, with every batch of e-liquid comprehensively tested to ensure the product is safe and consistent, people feel safe when using this product and it is because they should. All V2 Cigs products are designed by V2 cigs engineers in California and Florida, right here in the United States. V2 Cigs products are only assembled at V2 certified assembly plants, which means as a customer you know exactly where the products are coming from.  V2 Cigs brings you unprecedented transparency and information about the E-liquid you buy, as stated above, the e-liquid is sure to undergo chemical testing to ensure it is safe. All of the V2 Cigs electrical products are tested daily by V2 engineers to make sure everything is operating smoothly.  V2 Cigs flavor cartridges are tested daily to insure consistency and are foil packed and sealed to guard against contamination and to ensure product freshness through the expiration date on the label! V2 cigs is a serious deal and they truly care about the products they are selling to their customers, unlike the majority of their competition at hand.


v2 cigs cdiscount on v2cigs.com

v2 cigs cdiscount on v2cigs.com


The V2 cig starter kit gives the customer an exceptional impression right from the start as they open a neatly packaged box holding products that provide great performance.  Every starter kit includes the basic V2 items, including V2’s e liquid, nicotine cartridges, and a 4.2 volt battery and there is a near endless list of accessories that come in their multiple different variety packs that a customer can choose from to have a stellar start off process with an electronic cigarette. There is a great importance for a starter kit as it is the first impression that a customer has with the V2 electronic cigarette and maybe evens an electronic cigarette in general. For this reason alone, a lot of intricate thought has gone into the development of the V2 starter kits and they are clearly designed with care and eloquence catered to the customers’ wants and needs.

The great brand wants the customer to be invigorated and awe struck!

V2 cigs want the customer to be invigorated and awe struck as they open their brand new starter kit holding all the basics and accessories they need to enjoy their journey down the electronic cigarette path.  The starting kit provides thrilling an informative guidance to the new user and basically gives him a road map to endeavor further down the path as a V2 customer. V2 cig electronic cigarette start kits also offer many choices for each individual customer meaning that their specific needs will be met based on their selection of V2’s variety of starter kit options. All of V2’s products are proudly made in the United States, unlike their competition who purchases products in bulk from other countries and ultimately has no idea where they truly came from and what the process was of making the product itself, V2 makes sure that is not the case and makes sure they know the origin and the effort gone into the product they care so deeply about. Regardless of the variety chosen by the consumer, every V2 starter kit comes with the basics: e-liquids, batter, and a charger. There is a unique matte finish to the battery giving the V2 cig a sophisticated and class look and there is an inclusion of tasty flavors as well as the e cig, giving the customer both variety and quality all in one.  Some kits have more accessories and some kits have the bare minimum, but because of that differentiation V2 gives you the opportunity to purchase a starting kit based on your personal economic limits ranging from a little over $20 to under $200 depending on what variety the customer chooses. V2 stresses the importance of the customer purchasing the right kit for their own needs in order to help with and quell the difficulty of the transition process from real cigs to the V2 electronic cigarette. Many customers find this dedication and specificity to their needs very helpful to this process.

The greatest innovations of V2 cigs!

One of V2 cigs greatest innovations was when they transitioned from the typical size of electronic cigarette brands and models, meaning a size that stands out rather obnoxiously and turns a lot of people away from the use of e cigs because of the size, to an electronic cigarette of higher performance, but smaller in size. This transition makes the electronic cigarette much easier for the vapor smoker to carry it around with them and the level of convenience and portability both went through the roof, which in turned helped the sales to the same. The transition to the mini version of the e cig, the smaller size in general, helped make the e cigs much more of mainstream than they were ever considered before. V2 cigs made the leap in this innovation, but did it in a way that maintained the performance and the quality of the e cig, just in a smaller size. Although it is true that size determines 90% of how long a battery will last and because of that most e cigs this size fall short of a great, ideal vaping experience, but not the V2 cigs because this company made the effort to combine quality with convenience to provide the best e cig that exists on the market today.

Before the V2 cigs expanded and improved their battery pack, the highest voltage battery in the electronic cigarette market was 4 volts, but with V2’s expansion they now have the most powerful battery of 4.2volts. The V2 cigs combines both optimized batteries with lower resistance cartomizers (V2 flavor refills), which have exceptional flavor from a tiny package. V2 continues to invest in their products improvement even though they are very aware of the fact that they truly have no competition whatsoever. The sweet spot of their selling principle is the fact that V2 cigs have a solid battery life and they are electronic cigarettes with enough power to produce satisfying vapor that takes care of nicotine cravings, even in a mini cigarette.

The V2 starter kit provides customers with multiple different selections to choose from when making their transition into the realm of electronic cigarettes. The list below will help provide you with information on each starter kit including what is included inside of it as well as price.

V2 start kit selections offered as of February 13th!

V2 express Kit:

The V2 express kit is the most basic option that V2 cigs has to offer. This package includes one cartridge, a standard battery (110mm in length) and an express charger as well.  The express kit is the least expensive kit available to V2 customers as it is the most basic one you can purchase. The selling price is listed as $24.95 and contains all the necessities a beginning electronic smoker will need. This kit is perfect for any individual who does not have a lot of extra cash to spend, but yet is eager to transfer into the world of electronic cigarettes rather than regular smoking. This is a great alternative to regular smoking and is reliable, high quality, and at a low enough price to allow for almost anyone to indulge in.

V2 Economy Kit:

The V2 economy kit provides customers with a fair amount of variety in accessories necessities for electronic smoking. The best part about it, however, is that you get a lot of bang for a little buck, as it is the next step up from the express kit. The economy kit includes the items that cross the fine line from necessity to luxury items, but regardless they sure do make the process of smoking e cigs much more beneficial. Inside there is one V2 manual, ten flavor cartridges, one standard battery, one smart charger, and one wall adapter. In this kit you also have the choice of reducing the nicotine strengths or you can keep them at the same level, whatever is fit for you! The V2 economy kit is rather easy on your budget at a price of $49.95.

V2 Standard Kit:

The V2 standard kit is one of the most popular packages provided by V2 cigs because it is all encompassing in including every necessity any customer would need in having a smooth and delicate transition into smoking electronic cigarettes.  The standard kit includes on V2 manual, ten flavor cartridges, one standard battery, one smart charger, one wall adaptor, as well as one manual charger. In other words, inside of this kit is everything inside of the economy kit plus a manual charger. At $64.95 the V2 standard kit has everything a beginning e-smoker could ask for to start off.

V2 Standard plus Kit:

The V2 standard plus kit is the newest one on the market and is highly recommended because of its amazing convenience! The standard plus kit has everything that is included inside of the regular standard kit and in addition it contains V2’s portable charging case. The reason for the high recommendation of this kit is because of that extra feature and the convenience that it holds. The Portable Charging Case allows you to charge your e-cigarette no matter where you are. It has the capability of charging one batter four times before needed to be plugged into an outlet! For any serious electronic smoker, this addition is a necessity. This kit gives you all the essentials with a plus at a price of $99.95.

V2 Couples Kit:

Sometimes it takes two to take the leap forward into an essential transition to smoking e-cigs. For that reason alone, V2 has created the V2 couples kit which bundles together all of what two people would need for a pleasurable electronic smoking experience for less of a price than if they were to buy separately. This package includes four V2 batteries, twenty V2 flavor cartridges, two wall adaptors, two new smart chargers, and two manuals. All of this is enough for the both of you, for $124.95.

V2 Ultimate Kit:

The V2 ultimate kit is the best-valued kit that V2 provides and is the most recommended out of all the packages. This kit has everything the ultimate electronic smoker could want and it is offered at a bundled value. Not only does this kit provide you with the essentials, but it also has a plethora of accessories that solidifies an amazing experience granted by V2 cigs. This kit is the only one that gives you the option to customize what you get granting you the choice of e-flavors, e-flavor strengths, color, style, and length. Get it all for a price of $159.95

V2 Traveler Kit:

If you travel for business, for leisure, of even if you are simply on the go all of the time this is the perfect and most convenient kit for any electronic smoker on the move. The V2 traveler kit has every charging device you could possibly need.  This kit gives the traveling customer with the ability to always have a charge ready no matter where they are at that moment and it even includes a Notebook-cig, which is an e-cig that only needs a USB port to plug into adding to the convenience of this kit for those on the go! At $139.95 this kit has everything you need for your busy life!

Clearly, as described above, the various options given to the customer of V2 starter kits, provides you with an experience that is gratifying, personalized, and invigorating right from the start. V2 also guarantees a thirty day money back guarantee for if you receive your starter kit and you find out later that in fact, this is not what you wanted, then you can return it without any problems. The confidence that V2 has is potent and it shines through in the way they sell their products, as well as in how their employees serve customers with dedication, respect, and support throughout the whole process.

You are wondering how the entire process works!

If through all of this you are wondering how the entire process works, V2 even makes that very simple for the customer right from the start! When receiving a start kit, regardless of which one works best for the customer who purchased it, the first step is to open up the box and go through the V2 manual before using the V2 Cig inside. As it is the age of electronic cigarettes, the battery has to be fully charged before the first use, which is amazing in that is can slide right into the smart USB charger that plugs right into a computer port! This amazing apparatus last up to a week on one charge. The next step is simply to install a fresh flavor cartridge! Remove a V2 flavor cartridge from the safety foil, whichever one you choose, and remove the rubber stay-fresh caps. All that needs to happen is to screw the cartridge securely onto the electric cigarette battery. And just like that the V2 cig is ready to be put into use and ready to go. This is a product that customers enjoy because they trust it, they believe in the company and its authenticity, and they love the products because it satisfies their cravings as well as providing them with the electrical convenience they have looked for and have finally found.

V2 cigs is by far in the lead of e-cigarette producers in the market today, and by the looks of things, they will stay on top and only continue to excel for many years to come. With their mission of supplying the customer with quality electronic cigarettes, and with the continuous notion of improvement and betterment of their products, V2 Cigs is a company that will surely surpass their competition without hardly any problems at all. V2 is known for keeping up with the times in terms of technology as well, understanding that they cannot settle on the same technology that they innovated when they first came out as a company. They spend money on research and development in order to make sure their technology is at the top of the line and that it is always at the breaking point of groundbreaking innovations in the industry.

V2 Cigs has a unique way of building relationships with their customers in the personalization of the products and the support they deliver through the transition process. No matter what the case is and no matter who it is, V2 is ready to address any questions you may have and is eager to improve their deliverance of their product that so many loves and care for deeply. In this new age of electronic cigarettes where people are inhaling vapor rather than smoke, a company like V2 Cigs will be the reason why so many people continue to move away from regular smoking and toward e-cigarettes with a curiosity like never before. This company is inspiring many and building an industry with integrity.

They are putting all of their resources and energy for the betterment of their valued product and supporting you. V2 cigs values this process as a journey that can alter the life you have been living and V2 will eagerly welcome you into a life of vapor and electronic cigarettes

best ecigarettes brands reviews

best ecigarettes brands reviews

with a starter kit of your choice created and designed intricately put together, by V2 cigs, the leading company in the electronic cigarette industry.



V2 is one of the most preferred e-cigs brands that are purchased by users all over the world. No matter wherever you are located, you can easily order for your V2 kit. This product is delivered to you at your doorstep with no much charge. Users always wonder where to buy V2 electronic cigarettes, without causing any delay.

You can purchase these products from an online store, where you can easily view the product details and read the specifications before purchasing them. You can visit their official website and their special offers, discounts, and products. Online stores are considered to be one of the easiest modes of purchasing different flavored e-cigs.

V2 e-cigs has created a revolution, as users now don’t have to worry about any side effects of smoking at all. These odorless smokes are comparatively cheaper to the normal tobacco cigarettes. The product is made up of superior quality material, which has no negative impact on your health. Users can now pamper themselves and purchase different flavored products that can be smoked at any non-smoking areas as well.

Why to Make Online Purchases?

Visiting a dealer or stores for purchasing a kit or accessory might not be possible all the time. For people who value time, online stores in indeed the best option. They can read the reviews of the product, without having to rush about making a decision. In other words, online stores provide one stop resolution to all those users who are looking for a better alternative to avoid smoking.

You can check on the different styled e-cigs that are uniquely styled and designed. No doubt, an online store is the best option for all the users who wonder where to buy V2 electronic cigarettes. There are dealers who merchandise some of the V2 products. However you will have to spend time travelling to the dealer’s stores.


Online stores offer you with maximum benefits that might not be possible with a dealer or stores. Moreover you can get yourself updated with some of the latest products that are frequently introduced by the manufacturers. You can interact with the expert team of V2 technicians who can answer all your queries.

Gathering information from the official website is more reliable and faster, when compared to others. Once you make the payment, the product will be shipped to your address. They also provide you with the shipment number, so that you can track the product. If you have a discount coupon code, then you mention the same at the time of your purchases and get the discounted price.

Features of Online Purchases:

You can choose the kit and cartridges that will meet your requirement the best

Unlike stores, you don’t have to wait for the customer service agent to attend you and provide with all the details of the products

Time is one of the biggest factors when you purchasing from the stores. With online stores you don’t have to worry about time at all


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